The American College of Embryology (EMBCOL) transforms a diverse group of embryology practitioners into a uniformly trained group of professionals. 

MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS is an authorized representative of EMBCOL to facilitate the certification of Embryologists from India. 
  1. General Certification : Based on the Academic Qualification and Experience
  2. Skill Certification:  Based on Practical Examination of ICSI & Embryo Biopsy
Easy and quick office-based technique for the IUI preparation. Travail Kit has everything that you need to do an IUI.

Kit has Swim-up device, media, IUI catheter, sample container, sterile gauze, alcohol swab, loading needle, pick-up needle, syringes and patient IDs. 

Travail Kit doesn't require a cold-chain for storage. It can be operated at room temperature > 28 C or 37 C using a test tube warmer. 
Please watch the Procedure Video for detailed understanding.
It is a digital cross-platform developed for IVF case recording. Clinical Data-MI can be subscribed online with debit/credit card or by buying an access card directly from the head office. 

Access cards are quite handy in-case of gifting the fellow doctors. All our subscriptions come for 1.5 or 3-year subscription.

'Personal Cloud' is a customized Clinical Data-MI web -app with your logos and a dedicated cloud computing system for your organization. Personal Cloud is the safest medical document preservation developed in cloud computing so far.

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ARTist programme developed for providing on-site Embryology Training. Duration of this programme would be 2 years or until successful completion of 100 cases. 

During this training programme, you will be taught with the techniques of embryology mentioned in the 'Textbook of Assisted Reproductive Technologies' by David K Gardner. 

Due to limited number of Certified Embryologists in India, Aspirants are advised to book their training schedule well in advance. Each certified embryologist will be assigned to 2 centers only as a Faculty for training for the entire duration. 

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  •  LabChest - to be launched soon​
A hardware Set that offers extraordinary features with which you can control the IVF lab and its activities remotely and access live or previous date procedures like ICSI, PN check or Embryo Grading right from the mobile screen. 

It can be used for patient counselling and for viewing the micro-manipulation procedures live without entering the IVF lab.
Certified Embryologists in various categories around the world has been listed here.
With EMBCOL certification, you can earn a TITLE for the desired category for certification like EMB, EMA, EMT, EMG

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